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Corporate Cookies and Cakes

Corporate Cookies & Cakes

At Sweetcheeks we specialise in custom designed and created cookies and cupcakes for corporate meetings and industry gatherings to make the occasions something special.

Your clients will remember your presentation, meeting or conference when you provide them with a special treat made by our highly experienced professional cake and biscuit makers.

If your special flavour is not on our list, we can create it for you..

If you have a particular company logo or symbol that your corporation is known for, it can be cleverly incorporated into the design and decoration of our specialty cookies and cupcakes.

We’re experts at producing any shape, colour, design or embellishment on our baked goodies and you’ll be amazed at what can be achieved with our expertise and knowhow.

Imagine a delicious, freshly baked, edible company logo as a gift for your guests and participants to bring something different and unique to your corporate occasion.

Corporate Cookies Delivered to you Anywhere in Australia

With our wide range of flavours and recipes, we can provide something for every taste and design and if your special flavour is not on our list, then we can create it for you.

Our cookies are made to your particular order and you can have them personalised in any way you wish, from your choice of flavour and ingredients, including gluten free, egg, dairy and nut free options, for guests with special dietary needs.

Personalised Cookies

Personalised Cookies

We’re able to provide a wide range of tailored cupcakes too, with a vast range of flavours, shapes and toppings to choose from.

If you need help in designing something that captures the message or mood you want to present for any corporate occasion, with our wide experience in designing cupcakes for all kinds of corporate customers, we can help you make the perfect product.

Make your corporate event special by providing specialty cupcakes or cookies that will impress and delight your guests.

All our cupcakes and cookies are made with the freshest and best quality ingredients that we can source to meet your particular requirements.

Each batch of cookies are baked fresh, so that your clients receive a treat that is as fresh, moist and tasty as it possibly can be.

We deliver your order to your event in plenty of time for your layout team to have everything read when your guests arrive.

Our expert cake designers and makers are dedicated to providing a high quality product that meets the high expectations of our corporate clients.

Let us make your corporate event more special by providing specialty cupcakes or cookies that will impress and delight your guests.

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